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Websites and operations and donations, oh my!!

Baby_Jenks, Apr 23, 12 3:43 AM.
All members looking to do operations with the guild MUST get registered on the site in order to get calendar access.

Step 1:
- New users: Register at guildportal by clicking "New User" at the top of this site.
- Existing users: Apply for membership via the "Join this guild" link.  Be sure to put in your application your ingame name, so we know who you are!
Step 2: Await admin approval.  (Sorry, no automatic approval from guildportal yet!)
Step 3: Add your characters to the roster using the "Roster" navigation tab above.

Once you and your characters are properly registered, you can sign up for operations and events posted each week.
Please note: While we would like to get everyone who signs up into each operation, bear in mind that with only 8 slots we may have to keep some people on standby. We will do our best each week to make sure everyone gets a chance to play!

To help get us all started, the guild bank is also accepting donations of credits and/or grade 5 and 6 Bioanalysis materials for stims. Once we get another tab opened, we can set up a repair allowance for each rank.

Reminder: Rakghoul Pandemic World Event Ends Tuesday

Achoo, Apr 23, 12 3:07 AM.

Taken from the Darthhater website...

For anyone who's been hiding under a plague-infected rock somewhere this past week, your final notice is served: Tatooine has been devastated by the Rakghoul virus, and you only have until Tuesday morning (4/22/12) at server reset to get in on the action. If you're really out of the loop, have a look at our complete guide to this first-ever SWTOR World Event here: Rakghoul Pandemic Guide. It seems that while the contagion somehow managed to hitch a ride offworld from Taris and wreak havoc throughout both Republic and Imperial outposts, inroads have been made into pushing back its advance:
Joveth Gonzalez Attention citizens:

We are happy to announce that we are starting to make progress in the neutralization of the Rakghoul Plague Outbreak. It is our hope that the outbreak will be completely contained by April 24th at 2AM CDT (12AM PDT/3AM EDT/8AM BST/9AM CEST/5PM AEST). Citizens have until this time to completely avoid Tatooine and to not engage in investigations of suspicious wreckage on its surface.

Thank you

There are now fewer than 24hrs left to secure your very own and very limited-time Black-Green color crystals, Rakling ghoul petsinfected companion customizations, "Containment Officer" title and Containment Officer social gear. Happy eradication.

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